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Petrify's Self-titled studio release.


released January 20, 2015

Vocals: Keon Zukewich
Guitar: Tayler Button
Bass: Warren Davidson
Drums: Jake Friedrich

Tracking: Liam Wolstenholme
Mixing: Pat Palardy
Mastering; Brad Boatright

Written and recorded by Petrify



all rights reserved


Petrify Alberta

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Track Name: Ashbreather
It's just white noise.

All consuming, I'm so afraid and we're all fucked. Everything will burn.

As iron sharpens the iron, so one man must sharpen another, and I cut deep. I am so cold.

Grey is the sky. 
Grey is the day.
Grey is the sky.
 Grey is my life.

And I've fallen prey to your vanity again, and you beg, and you plead, but you cannot stop the bleeding, so keep drinking, keep draining, keep draining me away.

Keep draining me away.

Drag me through fire and broken glass, my body is broken and scarred. Refine me to nothing, burn me into glass, burn away my past.

And I can hardly sing, I can hardly sing. I can only pray for more. I'm always on your breath.

Track Name: My Own
Oh dear sufferer, I cannot weather you and your guilt through this storm. 

(Block out the sun)

I hold the hand of another because you can't be bothered to forget all the guilt of the past.

(Please let this pass)

I keep writing songs to hurt you, I keep waking scared without you, I keep sleeping just to see you. 

I keep this lie alive.

You kept writing songs to hurt her, you kept waking up without her, you kept sleeping just to see her. 

You kept this lie alive.

I keep writing songs to hurt you, I keep waking scared without you, I keep sleeping just to see you. 

I keep this lie alive.

I had a dream, that demons stole the sun, but you came in, you chased them away. You cleaned out my head. But now they're back. I didn't let them in. They seem to crawl back in.

So my words fall short again, please bleed me into nothing. And I will always love you, just never the way you want.
Track Name: Breathing
I don't want to die, but I'm caught up in the romance of suicide.

Tolled, tested, pushed to the edge, bested.
I am scared, but I'm preying every night, I'm preying on your wellness every night.

If I could bear your burdens for you, I would without question, every single struggle meant to quell your depression.

It creeps into my head, it sleeps beside me in my bed, and it always walks me home, it's sure I never sleep alone.

Drain me.

Drain me until age finds it's mark.
Track Name: Sonder
My apathy is raking me over the coals again.
Just say what you mean, and mean what you say.
No more silent screaming.
I will no longer dip my head as you approach.

Apathy is choking me. Holding my head down.
Track Name: Havens
I've got nothing to say anymore, I'll accept my fate welcoming water into my lungs, remembering, I'll wade, I'll wait. I'll burden this weight, I'll beg to keep us safe

Close your eyes, close your eyes, come in from the cold, come inside, I've made it warm, I've made it safe, make your home in me.

Make your home in my arms. I'll make it safe wherever you are.

Paint the walls with my blood.

Paint my face with disgust.


'Speak in tongues, writhe, mistrust, defile. These lives and my lungs, are gripped by the devil, your mind is mine, stop living in denial'

I keep hearing you singing in the windows and the walls, pretending not to hear and facing your withdrawal.

I subsist on hate. 

and then I break down.

and then I bide my life.

I need to spend my time facing the fact that I'm alone for a reason. Maybe I'm alone for a reason.

They say, take a chance, you could dance with the devil, but for me, it's always been more of a struggle.
Track Name: Vindictive
I can't wait to see that look on your face when you fail, and I leave you behind, alone. 

Nothing is written,
Nothing is certain.

Nothing is real.

One drink turns to six and then you quit, on not just me but yourself. Give up on not just me but yourself.

"You whore" they called out, but they never understood, they haven't been through anything like this before.

I spend all night waiting for the sun to come up, because tomorrow, I can't wait to see that look on your face, when you're let down.

Our hearts in our throats, our hands to the ground, It's hard to fight my temptation to give up and...

I won't weigh you down, I won't kill your frown.
Track Name: Room 446
I am a haunted man, so sick and tired, these demons have made me a liar.

At the end of the day, sing our song all night long. And these walls can't keep me from you, all night long, sing our song.


So tell me by haunting me. 
Just let me be to my suffering.
I can't believe it's come down to me.

Let me be.


Sing of suffering.
Track Name: Dead Pines
You drink 'til you're sick to bury your illness, and it's okay to be afraid, 'cause I'm scared too. I can see you're tired, and I'm tired too.

I've been tired a long time.

I see the same haze in your eyes, that I know is in mine.
So come learn to see, come sleep with me. Come fall asleep with me. Come learn to see. Come sleep with me.

I am falling apart, so tear away.

Make your home among the roots, but don't disturb the conifers, let the forest creep between my bones, let the cedars age, let the redwoods grow

Goodnight, goodbye, I won't make it through the night. You won't find me alive. Don't bury me. Bury me at Dead Pines.

When they fill this ancient womb, my only hope is that the rings that mark my death are among their healthiest.